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Table Number

Creating your own and personalised wedding table numbers.

See also the 3D printed model: Table Number

Mailbox nameplate - Briefkastenschild

The 3D model of the mailbox nameplate. Do you also need a nameplate for your mailbox?

Briefkasten SchieldBy Tahir MavricModelo »

Wastewater 3D Model

The 3D prototypemodel represent a wastewater model for illustration on courses of company GEOBOX AG.

See also the 3D printed model: Wastewater 3D Model

Oracle Database 12c

The 3D model was designed for Oracle Admin presentation purpose.

See also the 3D printed model: Oracle Database 12c

Lithophane Lamp

A lithophane presents a three-dimensional image.

It is an etched or molded artwork in very thin platic (or translucent porcelain) that can only be seen clearly when back lit with a light source.

See also the 3D printed model: Lithophane Lamp

Christmas decor - Krippe

Candle holder as christmas decorations.